Off piste Mont Gele Verbier

Mont Gelé

Mont Gele off piste

Mont Gelé is unique in the sense that it has everything to offer strong competent skiers and snowboarders a like and is arguably one of the best lift served offpiste mountains in the Alps.

It is Verbiers off piste reputation and the resorts commitment that we can take advantage of this easy accessible mountain, once upon such leisure’s were not available as offpiste enthusiast had to endure a 45 minute boot pack to reach the summit famous peak, that is now a distant memory as the cable car departs every 15 minutes next to the L’oympique restaurant at the top of the Funispace.

The opportunities on this mountain are endless; there is a the marked itinerary route on the south east side which is accessible from the summit and brings you out half way down to another one of the resorts itinerary routes Col de Gentianes, both routes are predominantly mogul runs so make sure you are up for the challenge before getting onto the lift.

The more experienced skiers and snowboarders will be more entertained by taking on the front face of this mountain which leads you back into the Lac de Vaux ski area or if you take the main couloir then you will pop out on the main Attelas pistes heading down to verbier.

There are some tricky descents on the front face of Mt Gele and although the routes are highly accessible due to lift, do not be fooled by taking these routes lightly. The face is packed with narrow couloirs, cliffs, steep exposed areas, rocks and no fall zones, so taking all the necessary precautions (e.g. having avalanche and safety equipment, taking an off piste instructor or guide) is advisable.


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