Off piste ski school Verbier

Rocky Garden

Off piste ski school Verbier

Rocky Garden is one of Verbier’s popular off-piste routes. Gentle graded powder runs with little drops and gullies are inviting and perhaps less daunting than some of the other classic offpiste routes in the area (backside Mont fort, Stairway to heaven, etc). 

To access this treasured off piste route you need to take the old rickety 3 person chair lift (Lac 3) from Lac de Vaux to Chassoure / Tortin, from the top of this lift, your best bet is to take to lower traverse and head back down the piste towards the lake, but be ready to leave the piste and look out for a traverse high to your right underneath the obvious outcrop of rocks. You will see exactly where to turn off the piste when you are going up the old Lac 3 chairlift, the trail is very obvious, just keep an eye out as you reach the top. 

Off piste courses Freeride VerbierWhen the conditions in resort are good and there has been fresh snow, the trail up to Rock Garden can quickly get busy, this will make the hike somewhat easier and throwing your skis over your shoulder or attaching them to you back pack maybe preferred option to side stepping, as the snow should be more compact.

Once you reach the summit of this trail, a huge powder field lies beneath you and there are a number of ways to get down, most of them leading you down to the bottom of the itinerary run Tortin. It is advisable not to follow tracks leading further afield from the obvious route down, as you may find yourself losing your way and being confronted with the Grand Couloir or even somewhere near the Hidden Valley, which is far from where you ought to be without an off piste guide.

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