Moguls skiing Verbier

Tips and Tricks: Moguls skiing

Moguls are the ultimate nemesis on the mountain. We have all spent at least one afternoon being beaten up by awkward shaped piles of snow, and limping home defeated. There is a good reason for this though; many of the ‘rules we have for good skiing have to be abandoned in the bumps. We spend our lives learning to ski in a particular way, only to find out what this form of skiing maybe what is making life in the bumps so hard. In this blog we will try and help make bumps skiing easier, and hopefully more enjoyable.

Turn in the right place

There are many different paths you can take in the bumps. For this article we will assume you want the path to be slower paced, and the most simple to execute. For this you will want to think about turning your skis on the top of the bump, and sliding down the hill at the back. This way you will ski and stay in control down the part of the bump that is steepest and, thus, where you will travel the fastest. This brings us neatly onto our second point.

Get off your edges

While your edges may be your friend on the piste, they’re not going to help in the bumps. Having your skis tilted at an angle (also known as being on your edges) will cause the skis to travel faster in the direction they are pointed. In the moguls this often means faster into that massive bump in front of you. Instead, you need to keep your skis flatter than you normally would. This will result in a more skidded turn, and as a result a slower speed of descent.

Keep your body still

In stark contrast to piste and powder skiing, the terrain in the bumps is by definition bumpy. All these lumps are going to try to force you off balance and flailing around. However, you have to fight this and keep your upper body as still as possible. This will have the effect of keeping your more balanced, and as a result more in control. Try keeping your core muscles engaged and using a strong pole plant to assist this.

Fore-Aft Balance

It is ok not to be right on the front of your skis in the moguls. Unlike piste skiing, with the ground constantly moving about under you, it is important that you adjust your balance to stay as centred on your skis as possible. While I’m not advocating sitting right back on your skis, the moguls are one of the few places it is ok not to be constantly on the front of your boots. You have to be reactive and adjust to the terrain under you. As always, have fun!